Partner Portal & Reporting

To access the Partner Portal, email to request an invitation to register.  If you have already registered,  click here to login.

The Partner Reporting Guide includes information on how reported data will be used, what reporting requirements are, and how reporting is tied to payments. The document includes all information that will be collected for Change Plan progress reporting, as well as statewide surveys for bi-directional integration, opioids, and valued-based payments.

North Sound ACH Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have signed into the partner portal but when I click on “Reporting” I get an error message. How do I complete change plan implementation reporting?

Only individuals identified as reporting contacts in the “Partner Contact Survey” have been added to the reporting site. If you are responsible for reporting for your organization and were not added as a reporting contact, please contact us at to request access to the reporting site.

  • If we need to update who has access to the Partner Portal or who the reporting contact is, how do we do that?

Send an email to to let us know who needs to be added to the portal. If someone needs to be added to the reporting site they must first register for the portal and then a team member will add them to the reporting site. This may take a few days, so please take this into account as the reporting deadline approaches.

  • How do I know if my reporting has been submitted after completing it in the partner portal?

After you are done inputting your reporting in the “Progress to Date” tab of the partner portal reporting site, click “Save Progress to Date” to save your reporting. This is all you need to do to submit your reporting, however if you would like to check with us that your reporting has been submitted, please send an email to Don’t forget to complete your Opioids Survey and MeHAFs, if applicable!

  • I have tried to register for the partner portal but get an error message every time, what do I do?

If you are having technical issues with the website, you can submit a ticket to the help desk even if you aren’t registered. To do this, visit, from here you can submit a ticket on the right hand side of the page under “Submit a New Request.” Make sure to select “North Sound ACH” under “Select Program” and include your name, contact information, and a complete description of any issue you are having. You may also include an attachment, such as a screenshot of the error message, if helpful.

  • Do we have to do the Opioids Survey for each site? What about the MeHAF?
    Organizations who committed to opioid strategies (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and/or 2.4) should complete one opioid survey for each site committed to opioid strategies. Reporting contacts were sent both the Clinic/Practice version and the Community-Based Organization version of the survey. Please only complete one version of the survey for each site.

Organizations who committed to bi-directional integration strategies (3.1 and/or 3.2) should complete a separate MeHAF survey for each site committed to bi-direction integration strategies.

  • How do I fill out the MeHAF and submit it?
    The MeHAF survey timeline aligns with general North Sound ACH reporting and must be completed by October 31, 2019 at 5:00 pm. Instructions to for completing the electronic MeHAF SSA Survey are as follows:
  1. Download the MeHAF SSA attachment sent as a PDF to reporting contacts.
  2. Adobe Acrobat will prompt you to select a response file.
  3. Complete all sections of the MeHAF. One MeHAF must be completed for each site participating in bi-directional integration.
  4. Return completed MeHAF(s) to 
  • How do I fill out the opioids survey and submit it?

The opioid survey is completed online via SurveyMonkey. Surveys have been sent out to reporting contacts for all organizations committed to opioid strategies. To complete the survey, simply click the SurveyMonkey link and answer all questions, once complete click Submit. You may only complete the survey one time, so please make sure you are ready to answer all questions when you click the link.

  • How do I download and print the Change Plan reporting document from the portal? My team and I want to review it offline. Is there a way to download all of this (the reporting options) so we can compile as a group and then have one person go in and input our report?

You can print your Change Plan or your Progress to Date as you work by clicking the Print icon on the top of the reporting page. The Partner Reporting Guide includes all information that will be collected on the portal. You can print out your Change Plan, or use your Scope of Work, to cross-reference your commitments.

  • Once you have saved progress to date, are you able to go back and edit any of those sections?

You will be able to edit your Progress to Date until the reporting site closes on October 31, 2019 at 5:00 pm PST.

  • Where are the recorded webinars located for future viewing?
    Recorded webinars are linked to here on our website and on the partner portal under Video Library. You can also view them by visiting our youtube channel here . If you need access to videos with subtitles/closed captions, please use the videos on the North Sound ACH website, these will send you to YouTube to view the videos where you can select the CC option to add subtitles.