North Sound Community HUB

What is a Community HUB?

A Community HUB is a central agency that manages a network of partner organizations who provide care coordination to a particular population. The HUB provides operational support, outcome tracking, training/ resources, and leads funding efforts on behalf of the HUB’s care coordination agencies.

How does this differ from current care coordination activities?

The Community HUB is designed to be a value to care coordination providers within a region, not aiming to replace or supplant their existing care coordination efforts. The HUB infrastructure improves communication among organizations providing care coordination by sharing assessments across agencies, providing training and supportive resources for the agencies’ community-based care coordinators (Community Health Workers), and leveraging HUB data to secure contracts with funders.

North Sound ACH Community HUB

North Sound ACH began planning the launch of a Community HUB in 2017, and began foundational steps in early 2018. We started small, knowing that a successful HUB can take years to scale up. North Sound spent 2018 convening partners to finalize our pilot population of focus, identify Care Coordination Agencies, train the care coordination workforce, and finalize the operational elements of HUB implementation. Our partner Care Coordination Agencies will be launched in Spring 2019.

Want to learn more about what a care coordination agency might look like and how it is connected to the HUB? Click here to learn more about their role.

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