IMC Transition

Integrated Managed Care (IMC)

Do you have questions about what this means for your organizations and the clients you serve?  Email

As of July 1, 2019, physical and behavioral health needs in the North Sound region will be addressed in one insurance system through an integrated network of providers, offering better coordinated care for patients and more seamless access to the services they need.  Providing this whole-person approach to care is an initiative under Healthier Washington to bring together the payment and delivery of physical and behavioral health services for people enrolled in Medicaid, through managed care.

The North Sound region has five managed care plans (Managed Care Plans, MCOs) to choose from: Amerigroup, Community Health Plan, Coordinated Care, Molina, and United Healthcare.

Why is the current system changing?

Before July 1, Medicaid clients with co-occurring disorders had to navigate two separate insurance systems in order to access the physical and behavioral health services they needed to stay healthy. This led to a duplication of services, poorly coordinated care, lower health outcomes, and a frustrating experience for our states’ Medicaid clients and the providers who serve them. The new integrated insurance can allow for more integrated services to be offered and developed.

What isn’t changing?  

Crisis services are still accessed the same way.  The crisis line phone number is (800) 584-3578.

Click here for an infographic explaining the changes.

This video explains why this change is important to delivering integrated, whole-person care:

Do you have questions about what this means for your organizations and the clients you serve?  Email

If you catch any access to care or authorization problems created in the insurance transition, a series of rapid response calls have been created by the Healthcare Authority.  Providers are welcome to contact us at the email address above to learn how to participate.

Tribal Resources:

If issues arise related to access, Tribal providers can reach out directly to the FFS team at Refer to the following back to find non-Tribal FFS providers for AI/AN individuals:

Map of Fee-for-Service Non-Tribal Behavioral Health Service Providers for American Indians & Alaska Natives in Washington state

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