Care Coordination Agencies (CCAs)

The Care Coordination Agency and HUB Relationship

The Community HUB serves as a central registry of referred individuals for a network of care coordination agencies, helping to eliminate organizational silos and reduce the duplication of services. It is helpful to think of the HUB as the central infrastructure to track and measure outcomes across the entire care coordination network.

The HUB (in our region the North Sound ACH is in that role) serves as the central repository for continuous tracking of specific health outcomes, agency outcomes, staff outcomes and coordinated quality improvement efforts.

The relationship between CCAs and the HUB should not be thought of as a typical contractor/ service provider relationship, but as a partnership of ongoing collaboration, with the aim of increasing quality, non-duplicative care coordination across the HUB region.

  • What is a Care Coordination Agency (CCA)?

A CCA is an agency contracted with the HUB (North Sound ACH) to deliver care coordination services to the HUB’s focus population. The HUB and its network of CCAs work as partners to identify high risk individuals and direct them to appropriate service providers.

  • A CCA is uniquely positioned to provide care coordination services to the HUB’s focus population. These agencies might already be using community based care coordinators or CHWs (Community Health Workers) to link individuals within that population to services.
  • It requires having staff trained in Pathways (the model of care coordination and reporting that we are testing) and its software system, and contracting with the North Sound ACH to receive reimbursement for the completion of any closed Pathway, education tool, or checklist.

North Sound Community HUB Partners

This past summer, North Sound ACH released a call for Care Coordination Agencies (CCA) to serve in the pilot of the Community HUB. Thirty-two agencies responded. After two rounds of application and review, we selected four agencies to partner with us to launch the North Sound Community HUB:

  • Compass Health
  • Northwest Regional Council
  • San Juan County Health and Community Service
  • SeaMar Community Clinics

The HUB and its CCA partners are finalizing operational elements and community partnerships necessary to launch the HUB by early 2019. Representatives from each CCA have been working with HUB staff to develop individual agency budgets, identify care coordinators and supervisors for trainings, and collaborate on development of the HUB’s policies and procedures.

As we move forward, expanding our network of partnerships is crucial. The HUB’s Advisory Committee will include representatives from each Care Coordination Agency, referral sources, service providers, and other community partners across the North Sound region.

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