Washington: $1.5B Medicaid Waiver

The HCA  reached an agreement in-principle with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in October for a five-year Medicaid demonstration waiver. On January 9th the waiver agreement was signed.  This demonstration project will allow up to $1.5 billion of federal investment to help drive Medicaid transformation — accelerating Healthier Washington’s goals of better health, better care, and lower costs. To learn more about the 1115 Waiver, please visit their website

Medicaid Transformation Demonstration Waiver 101

For the past 18 months there’s been a lot of talk about the Medicaid Transformation Waiver. To make sure everyone is on the same page, HCA has launched the first in a series of videos to explain the waiver. Washington Health Care Authority chief policy officer Nathan Johnson covers the basics of what the Medicaid Transformation Demonstration Waiver is, its goals, and the role it will play in Healthier Washington in the above video.

Help the North Sound ACH find an Executive Director!

In anticipation of expanding health transformation efforts, the North Sound ACH is searching for an Executive Director. We are looking for an experienced leader committed to address health disparities from a consumer centered frame to catalyze change. Please share this announcement with your networks and help us find a practical visionary to improve the health of all the communities in our region.
The full job description is here. Priority consideration is given to candidates who apply by August 26.
To apply, email a cover letter addressing qualifications, your resume and a completed WAHA employment application to whatcomalliance@hinet.org.

April Newsletter

Check out April 26th’s Medicaid Transformation Webinar and provide feedback on the Project Toolkit by May 26th!

NSACH’s Comments on the 1115 Global Waiver Application

On Friday, August 25th the North Sound Accountable Communities of Health convened a meeting with the Washington State Health Care Authority as a public forum to discuss the States 1115 Global Waiver Application. Along with Tribes, Cascade Pacific Action Alliance, King County Department of Health, the Washignton Low Income Housing Alliance, Building Changes, Washington Dental Service Foundation, Consistent Care, Long Term Care, & other stakeholders and partners, the NSACH offered these comments. The governing body of the NSACH lists six primary concerns and potential solutions to address our concerns. 

Announcing Washington’s First ACH!

The Health Care Authority (HCA) announced today that the North Sound Accountable Community of Health has achieved ACH designation! ACHs are an essential component of the our state’s Healthier Washington initiative, which aims to transform health care in the state and bring better health, better care and lower costs for Washington residents.