Board and Committees

The North Sound ACH is governed by a Board of Directors, which has three key committees that are open to non-Board members.

Board and Committee members should expect to spend between 5 -10 hours per month on Board and Committee work.  The three Board Committees that accept interest from non-Board members are Finance, Governance Committees and the Community Leadership Council.

The Finance Committee tasks are:

  • Review budgets;
  • Report to the board any financial irregularities, concerns, opportunities;
  • Recommend financial guidelines to the board (such as to establish a reserve fund or to obtain a line of credit for a specified amount);
  • Work with staff to design financial reports and ensure that reports are accurate and timely;
  • Oversee short and long-term investments;
  • Recommend selection of the auditor and work with the auditor.

The Governance Committee tasks are:

  • Recommend additions and revisions to the Board’s governance and policy documents;
  • Recommend additions and revisions to the organization’s bylaws;
  • Recommend board and committee structure and refinement;
  • Recommend board training and consultation needs;
  • Prepare priorities for board composition;
  • Meet with prospective board members and recommend candidates to the board; and
  • Conduct orientation sessions for new board members and organize training sessions for the entire board.

If you are interested please send an email to Tiffany Edlin.